Employment Boot Camp.

PME focuses on developing the soft skills needed for employment. Participants attend a hands-on performance-based seminar/computer- based training classes for 16 hours job preparation course.

In "Job Prep" trainees learn to conduct a systematic job search leading to a full-time position that will enable them to sustain themselves. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to find job openings (Monster, Hot Jobs, Career Builder)

  • Portfolio Development

  • Profiling / Networking / Posting resumes electronically

  • How to write an effective resume and cover letter

  • How to prepare for an interview and deal with difficult questions in an honest and positive manner

  • How to keep a job, including work ethics, peer cooperation, dealing with difficult people and situations, and stress management.  

Participants are guided through the process by professional Job Development Trainers, who work to establish relationships with local corporations and businesses in an effort to help clients secure high-quality employment. Job Developers strive to match candidates with potential employers to the benefit of both.