Healthcare and life sciences

 PME is committed to working with healthcare and life sciences organizations across the private and public sectors to aid in improving the quality, safety and access to care for people across the nation. We have a strong background in providing treatment and quality care for our Military members and their families through Military Treatment Facilities across the US and are in the forefront of innovative practices in healthcare technology, clinical, and consulting services. We are proud of our work with our Nation’s Veterans and aid in providing psychological health services, assessments, and clinical treatment. Our healthcare providers are committed to providing the quality of care that our Veterans have earned. PME has extensive nationwide experience in the recruitment and management of physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals and also offers a full range of physician extenders, allied health professionals and support staff. Through the application of our proven recruitment process, the expertise of our recruiters, and the tools and resources we have access to, to manage the recruitment process PME boasts a retention rate of 95%, which highlights an emphasis on the stability of the health care professionals we place.

Healthcare & Life Science