Client Benefits

PME - the next generation Staffing Optimization Solution (SOS)

· PME is a powerful interactive tool that enhances client/vendor relationships while reducing costs and streamlining activities associated with staff augmentation, contract to hire, and permanent placement.

· PME open Relationship Management System embraces unencumbered client/vendor partnerships

· PME client users maintain trusted vendors and may obtain submissions from new vendor partners

· PME clients have access to more competitive, qualified resources, thus improving fill rates for key positions

· PME Key Vendor Tool, through manager-defined parameters, ensures job requisitions automatically alert only appropriate vendors

· PME Parameter Driven Vendor Expansion Tool allows managers to quickly identify providers in unfamiliar disciplines

· PME unique Free Enterprise System reinforces balance between resource quality and price

· PME clients receive higher quality submissions from posted job requisitions

· PME clients realize improved value with competitive submissions resulting from time-specific vendor motivations

· PME client submission board provides easy viewing of price, fit and skills

· PME Communication Tool provide clients with automated communication triggers providing vendors with real time posting status

· PME proprietary Skills Matching Tool enables clients and vendors to quickly focus on the optimal resource

· PME clients quickly match the most qualified resource for the job, saving hiring manager’s time

· PME Skills Matching Tool improves vendor response time

· PME exclusive Rate Comparison Tool provides clients with powerful market intelligence

· PME clients are able to compare budget to local average

· PME Vendor Performance Tool enhances vendor selection process

· PME automated deployment and logical workflow design drives industry’s most efficient roll-out

· PME efficiently communicates deployment tasks to the appropriate individuals

· PME automatically delegates necessary data entry to appropriate users

· PME clients benefit from rapid return on investment

· PME SOS Solution powered by dotStaff™