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Work-life balance

We understand the value of time, both in and out of the office, and we’re committed to policies and practices that honor your personal and family time as much as your professional contributions.

Career Growth Tailored to You

Your unique skills fuel our dedication to your growth. With tailored development, mentorship, and leadership opportunities, we support your journey, recognizing potential comes from everywhere.

Community Connection

Connect your career to a greater cause. With community at our core, every project takes on a whole new meaning. Whether you’re enriching communities, supporting government organizations, and empowering the less fortunate, work has never been more rewarding.

Rewarding Returns & Competitive Packages

Your contributions fuel our achievements, and we show our gratitude in exceptional ways. Expect a competitive package, leading benefits, and perks that genuinely reflect your hard work and dedication. 

Equal Opportunity

PME is an equal-opportunity employer. We foster a workplace that uplifts and respects all individuals. Our practices are fair, basing decisions purely on merit, never letting race, color, religion, gender, orientation, age, disability, background, military status, citizenship, or any other protected trait sway our judgment.

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Senior Military Advisor and Recruiter